Reluctant Advocate

I have often felt the sensation of what I thought believing in something might feel like. Its like letting go of my ego, not judging and evaluating but just trusting the feeling that I am experiencing in the moment. I very much like this feeling and I often wish that I could believe all the time in more things and know that they are true. But contradicting ideas come up so often and for so long that I have to acknowledge their existence.

This body of work has prairie preservation as a central theme. However, as I began to work with this subject longer I found myself asking: what is special about me that puts me in the position to talk about the prairie, what do I know that you don’t and that you should know, what do I feel about the prairie that you should feel? But if I can’t believe in a cause that I know I care for and that I know is true what can I believe?

Make a list- what is real? Or at least imagine doing it. For some that list may be long. Mine is a bunch of scribbles and those scribbles have been crossed out and modified and rewritten only to be crossed out again and modified and rewritten so many times. One thing that I find remains constant is contradiction.